1 Seater Quad Bike Dubai Tour 50cc for kids

Description :

Quad Biking in the desert is an amazing and best activity for your kids, it will be an unforgettable activity for them. It’s completely shielded activity because we fulfill all safety measures. There is a special track for kids (you can see below in gallery images) covered with tires and the Quad bike is only 50cc specially made for kids.

Includes :

  • Pick up and Drop Off
  • Quad Bike 50CC
  • Soft Drinks and Water
  • Equipment’s for Safety
  • 1 Quad Bike is for One Person
  • Professional and Experienced Tour Guide

Safety Measures :

We give professional commands to everyone renting our bikes. Riding on the dunes is not the same as riding on the road. Therefore, we’ll ensure your safety.

  • Wear safety appliances such as a helmet, gloves, and elbow & knee pads.
  • Keep up the controllable speed.
  • Be careful over the slopes & curves.
  • Don’t overload.
  • Be active & alert.

Tour Guide :

Quad biking is a fun and exciting exercise, but it’s also nerve-wracking for both beginners and experts. To avoid injury, you should be extremely careful and gentle throughout the game. However, don’t be afraid; before you start the game, you will be taken through various precautionary measures that will help you stay safe.

  • To participate in solo quad biking, you must be 6-10 years and above.
  • You should wear protective glasses, crash pads, and helmets.
  • You should also check that your quad bike is in good condition before leaving for the race. Ensure that you fill up your fuel tank before starting the race to avoid any delays.
  • Always keep a 20metre distance between yourself and other riders; sand can be dangerous if you lose control!

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